New Faze Connects Internationally

Dear Mr. Harris,


Thank you very much for your support for our shadowing today.


I know you spent all day long for us even though you are busy.


I really appreciate it.


It was a really great experience for me to see how experts in various fields in U.S. are working great jobs very closely.


Also, I saw how talented young people are doing so hard to develop their capability and contribute to development of their own society,


I was touched by their passions and serious manners, which also aroused mine to serve my country as a professional.


One thing I feel sorry about is that I could neither take part in each meeting nor interact with those people more actively because of my lack of English proficiency.


Anyway, once again thank you for giving me an “honorable” chance!


I hope I can learn from your expertise and experiences continuously by keeping in touch with you.


Best regards,

Keunwoo Phillip Lee

Deputy Finance Minister, Republic of South Korea

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