Simrun Bhandal is the Marketing Coordinator here at New Faze Development. Simrun was born in Fremont, CA and comes from a Punjabi family. Inspired by her parents, who have accomplished and established a beautiful life for their family after immigrating to the United States, Simrun uses their strength as a motive to achieve her dreams and give back to her loved ones.

With an academic background, graduating with a BA in Marketing and Management from California State University East Bay, she anticipates starting her MBA degree in the upcoming year. Simrun can be labeled as an ambitious individual who is always determined to improve her skills.

Since she was young, Simrun has had an eye for real estate and business. Being welcomed onto the New Faze team as an intern, she knew this is exactly where she wanted to be. “Being a part of this team has been such a great experience, not only am I learning so much about real estate development, but I am surrounded by a team that helps me grow in all aspects and inspires me.”

During her free time, Simrun loves spending time with her loved ones, trying new restaurants, and cooking. When she gets the chance, her favorite getaway is a trip to the Bay Area and sitting out by the water. She hopes to start traveling to more destinations and exploring more.

Simrun is a big believer in creating a positive mindset, chasing your dreams, being kind to others, and being able to overcome hardships by learning from them and growing stronger. Her biggest role model is her grandmother, who taught her all these traits and more.

At New Faze, Simrun will work alongside the team to share quality content for the business. Her goal is to connect individuals to our company and work through positive interaction on social media.

Simrun Bhandal

Marketing Coordinator

Aaron Whitlow is the Senior Director of Construction for New Faze Development. Prior to joining the New Faze team in June of 2021, he spent more than 30 years in the construction and real estate industries. His background includes General Contracting, Project Management and Real Estate Development. Aaron serves and an Industry Expert for the Contractors State Licensing Board in construction related disputes and has also provided Quality Control-Quality Assurance throughout the construction phase of Sacramento’s Golden One Center. His experience also consists of vertical and horizontal projects in the private, local governmental and federal environments.

Aaron enjoys the outdoors, fishing, boating, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and great food!

Aaron Whitlow

Senior Director of Construction

DaJshey Chatman joined the New Faze team in June 2021 and currently serves as the lead Project Manager for our development team. Graduating from Woodbury University with a 5-year degree in Architecture, DaJshey is responsible for managing our mixed-use and single-family developments.

Currently, holding certifications in Building Inspection, she is scheduled to obtain her PMI certification by the Fall of 2022. She credits strategic leadership with her ability to successfully oversee these complex and high-dollar projects. DaJshey utilizes organizational tools to identify and mitigate project risks and optimize project deliverables.

Originally from Los Angeles, DaJshey brings a wide variety of experiences from high-end luxury to local retail developments. She first got her start in project management through nonprofit community service initiatives and discovered her talent for setting project objectives and deadlines to accomplish a larger goal.

DaJshey’s leadership style focuses on creating solution alternatives to drive project execution and resolve roadblocks. As a proactive facilitator, she seeks to empower others to take independent action, curate high-performing teams, and sustain credibility through fostering deeper connections. DaJshey places importance on building an inclusive team by motivating others towards optimal outcomes tied to their valued goals.


Dajshey Chatman

Project Manager

Liliana Vasquez serves as the Office Manager at New Faze Development. Liliana is responsible for overall coordinating of a broad range of services and resources that allow to operate the office efficiently. She handles in coming correspondence, designs filing systems, supply requisitions that are reviewed and approved, supervising, and monitoring the work of administrative staff. In general Liliana is the “Go to” person. She too is responsible for managing office budgets by receiving, processing, and verifying invoices related to office in the Accounting Department.

She provides support to CEO of New Faze Development and senior management with organization, scheduling, correspondence, and deadline compliance. Liliana works closely with each department to manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, attend sports events, car events, concerts, cook, and experience new things with her husband and their loving pets.

Liliana is fluent in English and Spanish and is proficient in Microsoft applications.



Liliana Vasquez

Office Manager

Diana Huynh was born and raised in Sacramento. She started at New Faze as an intern in Winter 2014 and graduated the University of California, Merced in Spring 2015 with a B.S. in Management and Psychology minor. Diana went from an Analysist to our current Director of Accounting. When she’s not working at New Faze, she is out being a Trailblazer in the Sacramento Cannabis Community by being a cultural curator as an Event Director. She strives to break stigmas and change stereotypes by helping create an environment that allows all of its community members to grow. Some of her greatest achievements are feedings at Loaves & Fishes to curating fundraisers for organizations like Women’s Empowerment, My Sisters House, and the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. Diana’s favorite thing about working at New Faze is their constant support for her growth, both inside and outside the company. Here at New Faze, she has developed lifelong skills and friendships that will take her beyond her immigrant parents dreams. From the start, she has always been a Next Faze Leader. We look forward to continuing watch her be the change she wishes to see.

Diana Huynh

Director of Accounting
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