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Victoria Park transforms a longtime vacant lot along an important thoroughfare into an attractive, active neighborhood. Located on 47th Avenue, the project eliminates an underutilized asset to the neighborhood. Capitalizing on the beginning of a neighborhood center, Victoria Park will provide a focal point for a strengthened identity and place for the greater community.


Victoria Park’s design accommodates retail space, residential units for rent, single family homes, and a large green space. The neighborhood is arranged in 3 three-story buildings that front 47th Avenue buffering the two story single family homes to the rear of the property. The existing drainage canal will be transformed into a natural riparian habitat with public use green space along the entry drive, and a “village green” will be established between the retail buildings on 47th Avenue, connected by a greenbelt pedestrian path to the single family homes.


The neighborhood consists of:


  • 113 Single Family Homes
  • 17 Multi-dimensional units
  • 30 Townhouses over
  • 26,520 s.f. of Retail


The homes will range in size from approximately 1,400 to 1,900 square feet with 2 to 4 bedrooms.


Victoria Park’s design aspires to achieve three major goals:


  1. To accommodate and encourage pedestrian traffic within and through the site
  2. Provide a range of options for community gathering spaces for both residents of the project as well as the existing neighborhood
  3. To create a sense of place and identity for an important area in the community


Victoria Park’s design will allow for community interaction on a variety of scales throughout the neighborhood. Each house will have a front porch which encourages the residents to engage the street; thereby, providing activity and safety along the street front.


The neighborhood’s residents will enjoy a variety of options for community-wide interaction. Victoria Park will contain a large green open space located along the newly created “creek” from the transformed drainage canal.


In addition, the retail buildings on 47th Avenue frame a “village green” space that is connected to the homes via a broad landscaped path.


Along 47th Avenue we will include street trees, parallel parking, store fronts, and a strong, bold design of the facade. With a broad street canopy, Victoria Park achieves a strong presence along 47th Avenue and begins creating an identity in the heart of the community. By pushing the commercial spaces up to the street and placing the parking in the rear, we have eliminated the typical parking lot that would only contribute to the anonymity of the thoroughfare. Furthermore, the presence of the structure and trees along with parallel parking will all work as traffic calming measures which will benefit walking in the area.


In addition to creating a strong presence on the street front, this approach will allow a more natural transition from commercial to residential uses. We have accommodated the change of use within the boundaries of the site as opposed to an abrupt change at a rear property line.



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