New Faze is proud to introduce you to a few of our
Next Faze Leaders.


Malon Hughes was raised in Stockton, California where he remained until he finished High School. Malon spent the majority of his childhood playing sports, mainly football, which has made him a great team member and a fearless competitor. While in Highschool, He developed a love for helping young men reach their full potential during his two seasons as a youth football coach. He began his college education at UNLV where he was a member of the Honors College before returning to California, where he currently studies Finance with a Real Estate focus at CSU Sacramento.

He currently serves as a Project Intern and is responsible for a variety of project research as well as assisting with project documentation. Malon is also a licensed real estate agent and spends most of his time studying the Sacramento housing market. His goal is to start his own real estate development company in the future after earning his MBA in Real Estate Development. When he is away from work Malon’s favorite things to do are travel, watch movies, and try new restaurants.

Malon believes heavily in the power of setting goals and makes it his top priority to reach any goals he sets for himself. This has propelled him throughout his life and makes him an amazing addition to any team. Malon’s favorite thing about New Faze is the company’s commitment to respecting its employees’ cultures and unique personalities.


Malon Hughes

New Faze has been supporting leadership development for nearly a decade. We are proud to celebrate the success of former Next Faze Leaders.

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